We have industrial crushing plants capable of destroying discharge rate documentation collection customers in different parts of Spain, also offers the only vehicles of destruction in situ high-capacity operating in Spain with an effective potential crushing of 1 Tn/hora. We are currently in Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, Valencia y Tenerife, an expansion plan that could reach the 16 distributed throughout the country plants.


We are the ones who commit the method [Hands Free], Handsfree, in all our crushing, either in mobile equipment and plants. We believe that for security must exist in the preselection segregation to separate documentation. An increase in economic valuation of the paper only byproduct is associated a reduction in the security chain of custody documentation handled.

We have set the goal of crushing the documentation to discharge rate so we do not have plant operators and our drivers are always those made directly destruction, usually on the same day to get the route and if not the next day before starting new services. Thus mechanically with oversized equipment destruction by power we can offer our clients maximum security and that they know they have delegated to a trusted computer. For certification must destroy 72 hours after receiving the documentation plan, customer requires us som en 24 hours and can be performed on the same day of the reception, although usually crush the discharge rate without selecting anything, destroy everything.
Azafata con ShredPack y un contenedor de aluminio de 70 liters

Grind the 100% of documentation received at its plants, and certification criteria, all documents received are confidential or not delivered by the customer if they enter the secure destruction plants must leave crushed to maximum particle size of approved marketed whole and never will be able to obtain greater economic income from the waste paper count but with proof of .