FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Translation: FAQ

1. Are you sure that I have the obligation to destroy confidential information?

The Basic Law 15/1999 Personal Data Protection requires companies and individuals to deal with confidential information and sensitive personal data from customers and users.

2. Why can not trust a company documents normal recovery?

When paper is managed for recycling, The main objective of the manager is to get the best price for this item. These companies will accumulate, I selected, manipulate, classified, revenden, etc.. It may take months before the paper is destroyed, during which time countless people can access sensitive data and nobody will tell you that chain of custody is with him because there. They say that in the end will be destroyed but never guarantee you how, when and where ...

3. Should I prepare documents to somehow destroy?

Not required. Destru[Pack] He charged the mound, package or boxes of papers directly wheeled containers or on pallets and will be brought directly to our cars. Whether to destroy in situ with high capacity shredding trucks or move them to some of our confidential shredding plants.
Nor is it necessary to separate documents stands. Unlike other companies, no separate documents to destroy their storage systems. We destroyed the entire contents of your files, including folders, filing, spirals, clips, Staples, etc.. because our machines are truly industrial.

4. Do I get any proof that my documents have been destroyed with total security and confidentiality?

Yes, course. A numbered Certificate of Destruction detailing the weight or volume of the destruction, the day and the address has been collected, with the assurance procedures performed. You will know how, when and where confidential materials are crushed and have the certainty that no one will have the data they contain.

5. Where will go the material after cutting?

Material is recycled to the 100 % and always will be turned into pulp. We expressly forbidden to other uses but are respectful of the environment could affect the image of your organization. For example, we sell paper prohibited for use on farms.

6. What is the destruction capacity Destrupack?

Our mobile vehicle destruction (in situ) are able to effectively destroy more than one tonne per hour and manufacturer rated capacity is 1.450 kilos of paper in an hour, including staples, coils and accessories. Our plants have different capacities and Madrid is over two tons per hour, but do not worry because our production capacity exceeds the capacity overwhelmingly the full Spanish market, so we can provide service to any customer without investing saturation production.

7. Is the material was destroyed leading to the end of destroying in situ?

Yes, always. Our work ends after cutting to ensure that the role will go to an industry to produce pulp. After grinding in our trucks to move the waste recycler and we downloaded in few minutes. The load capacity is between 4 and 5 tonnes, and the truck has sliding floor that lets you download all the resulting material effortlessly, whether paper or other materials.

8. Did not is cheaper to buy my own office shredder?

This valued the internal destruction costs three to five times more to manage in their own facilities to have a confidential destruction outsourced. You should consider depreciation of the machine, staff time, space for operation, maintenance, electrical costs and handling. It all adds much more than service Destru[Pack]. Also, Destrupack does all the work and you have written assurances!

9. What do I do with computer disks, videotapes, CDs?

Our teams are able to chop such confidential files no problem. If it is blended in small amounts in the careless ok. If a batch of these materials is, let us know and we will schedule a special visit to avoid damaging the paper recycling and proper management of the waste generated and take a dump.

10. Can we hire a unique service for cleaning or files for office removals?

Yes, course. We call [[timely service ]] We will be happy to help in those critical moments to offer a unique service and we can offer special prices or discounts for large quantities. A customer is a customer and we are to serve in this sector.

11. How do you charge for your service?

We are very flexible and we adapt to your needs. If you ask, carry out a personalized study. Our fees can be quantified by kilos, by volume or by Weather, as you decide.