For prevention

All businesses, organizations, administrations, professionals and households have confidential information. Exercising daily tasks of each entity a lot of information to be managed with great prudence is generated. If the documentation just discarded in the trash there is no law to protect against its use and safekeeping your privacy. "What's in the trash no owner".

Implement a security plan is easy and the only way to ensure any consequences which could regret for a long time and jeopardize the future of the organization. There are countless examples of companies that have started their business with customer lists existing business, disgruntled employees or the trajectory of your organization. Also oversights that end with headlines or disproportionate penalties that could be easily solved by putting closed containers in your office and hire safe management Destrupack.

By law

Increasingly, governments are getting involved in the protection of people and their data against misuse of information. This is putting pressure on confidentiality in public bodies, companies, individuals or organizations to protect documents, files and information that are responsible.

For profitability

Which is more beneficial for your business? Paying a trusted employee who engages in separate files, Remove clips and staples, organize documents and then spend hours in front of the shredder to destroy documents, clean-up and move for recycling. Or install a closed container chosen design and size for your needs and hire a professional like Destrupack to handle.

The Role of NAID Certification's Unannounced Audits

For sustainability

We recycle to save before the devastating impact of man. When internally destroys documents in organizations it is likely that much of the waste generated in the ordinary trash finish mixed with other wastes, however with it Destrupack 100% is recycled for recovery and thus for each ton of paper:

  • Spared between 17 and 31 trees.
  • Saves 4.000 Electricity KWB.
  • Thousands of liters of water are saved by recycling.
  • It prevents large pollutants are expelled into the air.

NAID Information Destruction Training Program
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Why Destru[Pack]?

We are true professionals and are fully focused on the secure destruction of confidential information, and that becomes many benefits and solutions for your organization.