How to implement a Plan of Destruction Documentary

    • When he hires an outside company is ideal to discuss data protection time. We know from experience that we share with our colleagues in other countries more sensitive to these issues when security breaches the most common reason cited is the lack evaluated internal training.
    • Not just verbal instructions and directions. On certain occasions (and this is a), you must have a written plan with clear instructions and policies for data destruction of the organization.
    • It should discuss the consequences of improper disposal of entity data. Appropriate security measures to protect the interests should be analyzed, stability and future of the organization.
    • There should be periodic reminders of corporate policy. We should note that employees are engaged in their jobs and can be expected to neglect the importance of security measures. Because the pressure of everyday and emergency care sometimes prevent the important. It is interesting to recall that systematic convey the message and the need for good practice that can be punished with disciplinary action.
    • Responsible must appoint specific individuals to control processes and procedures consistently. Because as they say "responsibility of all the responsibility of anyone " .
    • The experience that conveys the sector tells us that office shredders often break and are very inefficient, are problematic. The paper takes a recovery or recycling does not meet sufficient safety measures. Many processes which branch or subcontractors are vulnerable and exposed fault.
    • Many organizations that have established an internal program of confidential destruction have realized that their system has gone up much more than initially expected, that have appeared "hidden costs " important and insufficiently covered against the risks referred for lack of specific knowledge.

What is the Data Protection Act?

Organic Law on Data Protection 15/1999

It is the law that establishes the obligation of data controllers or treatment must meet to ensure the right to the protection of personal data of individuals. Both public and private organizations should follow.

The head of a file or its treatment is the entity, person or government agency that decides on the purpose, the content and use of the processing of personal data. This should ensure that certain requirements are met and that certain security measures are applied depending on the type of data held. This control is to avoid that by treating the data you can have information on individuals concerning their privacy, fundamental rights and civil liberties.

The LOPD sanctions for violations by omission or commission are very high. For example a misdemeanor as to declare a file is AGPD 60.000 €. Fines can be up to 600.000 € in the case of a transfer without consent. For example when listings are assigned to all data for employees or customers, which may be voluntarily or involuntarily by selling them discard them.

Criteria must consider the contractor

  • The office staff of the company must have a protocol with confidential information and documents discarded. It is important to designate a responsible to monitor and coordinate between people and departments to avoid the lack of references and wrongdoing.
  • All staff should be aware that confidential documents at risk of going to municipal waste and being out of control. Once "escape" to direct supervision potential "toxic" is important. No one can be neglected or put on the market with them.
  • The cleaning staff should be trained and aware of the importance of their work, and they are a protection entity to neglect. Engage them as a control and value, is better than them accountable and culpabilizarles in a role for which they are not trained or recognized to practice. Sensitive documents can not be treated as recyclable paper.
  • Every workplace must manage their documentation and other information media responsibly. A little carelessness can cause irreparable damage to the entity. From a personal trash to the main file any unit is essential.
  • Ordinary parcel has a significant rate of loss of boxes. Transport and management between centers is not safe and is involved many staff without strict control. Forget what your role and what are the means or processes available is naive or negligent act.
  • Small destroyers are very efficient and their use is limited. Its capacity is small. It takes much. While no time to destroy "spy" documentation. They are always full. Get stuck and spoil, have high maintenance. They are really expensive ... More than a help they are a barrier to its users.
  • The particle size is important, must be fully irrecomponible and never out of standards. But do not be guided by the companies who only speak the size of destruction, how important are the processes involved in them and who. Anyone riding a grinder but few plants are confidential and expert staff.
  • Recyclers do not guarantee no manipulation, the time of destruction, or place. Therefore they can select the paper grades, and when and where they want to destroy. Insist when and where they destroy. Investigate feature that means and offer guarantees for non-compliance and / or audit.
  • Reclaimers are based business get the most value for the resulting paper. Looking sale "wastepaper". What conflicts with the security guarantee that is the basis of confidential management companies like ours, we are a service company and the quality difference is we testable.

Disadvantages of the "manual" machines

  1. You have to remove staples, spirals, tapas, hard materials, Plastics, etc.. and leave in small groups to avoid paper jams and breakdowns.
  2. The operator is required to visually inspect all documents
  3. The employee has much time to think and evaluate the "browse" the data or even assess whether "rescue" .
  4. The resultant material should be bagged in bags, grouping small amounts. Therefore the management of the waste is expensive and is easier to pre-select in a hypothetical case of "identity thief" (Identity Theft)
  5. Spare parts and maintenance are expensive but such machines are cheaper to purchase. It is a hidden cost that is usually not foresee but that is a barrier to continued use and predisposes to skip this process if the client does not control enough and that can only be done by hard controls.
  6. Manual and Slow Food. It is labor-intensive and therefore expensive.
  7. Need for power. When in-situ at times by the customer or previously produced by a transformer oil thus inefficient energy.
  8. The residue requires manipulation for subsequent storage and until the recovery is unlikely to be accepted by a treatment plant with this presentation in small bags or bales.
  9. Manual download again, slow and costly. Recuperardor numerous trips should be made because they are usually vans with little capacity, is usual with up to a ton. The capacity of the truck-site is five tons Destrupack.
  10. Intensive labor. It is a boring job, hard to always be on foot, tediosos, hot by electrical motors, uninspiring, etc. The effective capacity is around the 150- 250 kgs / hour when Destrupack obtain yields close to one ton per hour.

Consistency in the corporate commitment

Build a relationship "to WIN WIN" m, o sea Win / Win, means establishing close cooperation between customer and supplier. Is by setting long-term goals after a professional needs assessment, assessment of available resources and setting milestones. Loved parties focus on building a mutually beneficial relationship and jointly maximize yield long-term contract. It analyzes which must be the best solution and invest for the long term to get. A relationship of trust is built and the controls are parameterized. The price variable is important but not a priority because a 10-20 % concepts such as safety and effectiveness in this area is a little interesting investment. The impact can be as high by skimping such small amounts that must be qualified and aware of the importance of not cross certain red lines.

Do you look for the entity With that conforms With that suits you You get That it can happen
Comply with legislation With a certificate A well written certificate Un simple certificate Scandals, sanctions, litigation, etc.
Find a lowest possible price Several offers to choose by price A low price well justified A low price Scandals, sanctions, litigation, etc.
Individual benefit of management An interesting Supplier A good commission Poor service Scandals, sanctions, litigation, etc.
Get the best return A provider that convince you A good commercial argument An interesting service Service out to tender and get minimum required
High investment security and optimization A provider of reputation Certification, References, professionalism, etc. A safe and optimal service price Build a relationship WIN / WIN