If you are concerned about protecting your privacy, they are aware of the risks assumed with current data protection laws, if she has realized that having bought a personal shredder is not sufficient to ensure proper management in the destruction of all the information handled, if you want to implement a completely safe procedure for the safe disposal of confidential material, costs have predetermined and controllable, or for any other reason will analyze and seek the optimal solution.

You have realized that throwing documents away is unconscionable, or has noticed that the paper strips that leave small office shredding machines are easily scanned and can simply play the original document to join them. Then understand that subcontract certified by NAID AAA Certified company is an excellent way to ensure that safe procedures are used and that's because they convert the material into confetti size, making it impossible to reconstruct the spray it on a tiny particle size and crosscut irrecomponible. Furthermore the material is blended in large volumes of several tons which is indecipherable. As a result it is impossible to reconstruct any document that has gone through our secure shredding. Maximum guarantee controlled by yourself and by external auditors. Always according to the levels of destruction leading companies worldwide, and the requirements demanded by customers in the most scrupulous security protocols.

All the paper that comes into our plant must be crushed and security guaranteed

Why hire an outside firm?

There are multiple advantages of allowing Destru[Pack], a business of trust, professional, extensive experience as a contractor and certified secure destruction of confidential information becomes part gives the chain of custody and management of document destruction and other sensitive materials.

Simple, Safe and Secure

Since we specialize in document destruction and we do all the work saving you time and money, ensuring that all confidential information is handled safely.

Legal Compliance

Using an outside company for safe shredding will be sure that it meets any of the laws that exist and adapt to new that may arise why methods Destrupack always be updated with current legislation without their organization, always be alert to changes.

It will prevent having to grind internally with additional benefits such as:

  • Saving staff time.
  • Saving money by reducing equipment costs and labor.
  • It is the fastest and most economical way to process large volumes accumulated.
  • It ensures that the 100% the residue is recycled properly.
  • Increases security, as you will be making sure that everything is destroyed must be shredded.

It will have a contractual basis minimum required score and insurmountable barriers, also will provide a fiduciary responsibility to all confidential management. Employees being a professional company should be better revised, better educated than many of the inmates and staff employees involved in handling tasks files or sensitive data.

A certificate of destruction issued by a company that meets AAA-NAID Certified helps ensure that its procedures are adapted to the changes that may arise in the confidential destruction with the latest developments in global security.