We should know the true meaning and the guarantees they are giving

A certificate of destruction of documents has the value you want to give him, is issued by a law firm and does not obligate you to anything. Legally and in case of conflict must comply with the written, and if you are not happy with what you have discovered will prove otherwise, have what lawyers call the "burden of proof" and we all know that will be impossible to prove that these documents were collected at your facility sometime ...

A certificate of destruction means that documents have been destroyed, if not specified something that is very. Destroyed in China and within 6 months, no one keeps a chain of custody of that information is the most common. If added following addition Recycling processes or environmental, Great ....! No paper is saved for decorating stores, just sold the paper to obtain an economic return. Some add compliance DIN level 3 the 4 …. Talk as this is a German standard and it's just a reference, never a legal standard in Spain, serves to confuse the unwary into believing mirages. Serves for argumentation "shell game" ...

Destrucción garantizada: Destru[Pack] it emits a certificate of destruction in accordance with procedures AAA-NAID Certified, which requires us to meet certain very strict protocols. In addition we make follow up with surprise audits and effective annual visits, under the supervision of a disciplinary committee that seeks to maintain the highest industry standards in the world and protect from intrusion or bad practices in this sector worldwide. We offer a destruction warranty real and we do believe we promise you something or things baseless.

Inadequate procedures and lack of responsibility is normal in Spain

You should measure the particle size should be fully irrecomponible and never out of rules. But do not be guided by the companies who only speak the size of destruction, how important are the processes involved in them and who. Anyone riding a grinder but are very few with safe plants properly audited, and expert staff. There are even many companies that outsource. The maximum destruction, custody at all times, avoiding manipulation or copying, control CCTV recordings, GPRS systems for vehicles, etc. should be criteria to investigate before hiring and choose their supplier.

It is your responsibility as the owner and contractor to know what will happen to your confidential documents, it depends the future of your organization and poor management that can ruin your reputation or your organization involve sanctions often unaffordable.

Remember that recyclers do not guarantee no manipulation, the time of destruction, or place, or staff training ... Therefore be selected paper grades, and when and where they want to destroy. Insist when and where they destroy. Investigate feature that means and offer guarantees for non-compliance and / or audit. Think reclaimers are based business get the most value for the resulting paper. Looking sale "wastepaper". What conflicts with the guarantee of security that is based businesses Confidential management like ours, we are a service company and the quality difference is we testable. On the other hand small companies offer sympathy but are not able to provide guarantees in case of accident with liability policies, and offer the commitment owner but this is lost when employees who perform the procedures and protocols have not effective and efficient.