We provide confidential information destruction throughout Spain from 2005 with a strict methodology based on the highest standards in the world and adapt in a flexible manner to customer requirements.

We provide all our customers containers adapted to their needs, so they can securely store documents and practical way to be destroyed. The day and time we agreed we come to your premises and take care of managing security with total and absolute traceability confidential materials that you trust us. We take care of recycling the waste generated in the most sustainable way possible environmental. The only difference in the grinding system is that the customer can choose between destruction or destruction in situ plant. The guarantees are the same, security procedures, identical. The only possibility is to choose the machine for grinding and place. If escoge [[Destruction Plant]] will make the grinding of 100% documentation received at the facility, since no paper can be delivered for recycling without first having crushed. Si parent, [[Mobile or In Situ Destruction]] one of our teams will move to its facilities and crush their presence in an industrial manner with minimal effectiveness close to one ton per hour all the documentation that will deliver us.

This system is slightly more expensive, normally between 20 and 30 % more, because the equipment is more expensive, should be driven to the customer, lower yields, operation is more complicated, power source is more expensive when diesel, etc.. But, though, Sites in our economic level accounts for 20 and 50% Marketplace. In Spain only our company has backed teams in situ destruction of large capacity and yet its advantages in confidentiality and rigor are not valued as in other markets.

As a reference for comparison, say that in the UK [UK], with 62 million inhabitants, more than 300 trucks similar to ours, and public institutions such as courts, hospitals, administrations, etc.. not allow for removal of documents if not previously destroyed with this system. Other countries such as the Netherlands allow the transfer, but require the destruction of government documents to be shredded in less than an hour from their arrival if the documentation is carried plant, and thus it is estimated that 40% the destruction of that market with trucks running in similar situ destruction to our.

For years we have only two vehicles equipped with Spain approved an industrial shredder, very common in other countries, and a unique development in Europe traveling documents crushing plant. We have several plants certified destruction and audited by the most renowned global experts.

We adapt to your needs, always with a maximum security premise that no one has access to the data you want to destroy. Our procedures are well defined and specific criteria. Start from premises for safety and they establish criteria for cost effectiveness with an industrial base, uniform, secure.

Be sure to display the process of destruction at the end or have a company with a completely safe procedure, and never deposit the documents in the trash.

Whatever the system chosen, once chopped, the resulting waste paper can only be used for the paper industry. It is expressly prohibited for any other use our certification, as incineration, which is slightly biosostenible, or use litter or support packages, that could damage the reputation of our customers to be able to identify the source of paper particles.
We offer fast service large capacity. The comfort of our guests is our goal, but security is a red line that should never anyone franking.
Discard as irrelevant Personal shredders paper where you must remove staples and waste time, and the person meant be poorly motivated. Avoid working with who will provide on-site equipment destruction artisanal destroying ± 200 kgs per hour with very low efficiency. Be wary of companies that ensure proper recycling ensure destruction of documents. For them it is more important to the value of paper / residue security with traceability.

Particle size values ​​destruction, but pay close attention to the methodology of destruction. We offer one of the smaller particle size of the market and, also, anyone directly displays each document and do not touch the material with our hands. Once destroyed, the cleaved documents are mixed with several tons and is completely impossible subsequent recomposition.

Disadvantages manual machines

Types of cuts as the equipment used

In destroys[Pack] only use the cut shredded because it is crossed by industrial and efficient way to work with large amounts of documentation and cost effectively keeping the priority on safety. Other companies focus on particle size talk to justify lower investment in machinery, but later the cost in manpower and maintenance costs become barriers. So depending on who makes the grinding machine, the resulting cut will be one or the other feature:



Used only in office machines or very small capacity. The shredder cuts papers in strips of narrow longitudinal strips. It has the advantage that the machine operates with lower power requirements and can shred more paper per minute by the other systems, as it has a very fast speed. Its maintenance cost is lower and the cost price of the machine is also low. The resulting material can be used for high volume packing fill.

Cross Court

Comes to paper shredders cross cut. Eye with this name because it tends to confuse those recruiting certain confidential destruction systems. The resulting material are smaller than the above particles and, in fact, have more security, but just one more degree. It is interesting to the buyer of small machines, because with this system the waste is reduced by approximately 80% volume, although maintenance is greater.

Cut crumbled

Is generally used in grinding machines of high capacity, Crusher as tears such documents are irrecomponibles. The rollers crumble documents leaving totally irregular particles and even leaving small blocks that make impracticable the recomposition. By banding together in large numbers and even compacted, get a much higher degree of security than bagged materials in small batches. Can be obtained by opposing rollers, roller that works against a sieve, with hammer mills, etc..