Destrupack is much more than a document destruction company. Our clients consider us your partner in safety. Our job is to create a partnership to ensure the management of confidential information or sensitive materials in your company through a secure service, independent and flexible integrated into your organization or your business according to your needs. We who adapt to customers and who advise them to achieve the highest levels of potentially available in the world for the safe destruction of confidential information. A relationship of trust and always at an optimal price.

Documentation, information in digital form, uniforms worn, outdated advertising, etc.. must be protected from falling into the hands of strangers who can make an irresponsible use of it that seriously affect the company, institution, organization, industry, administration, hospital, financial service, legal firm, manufacturing company, technological center, profesional liberal, even the self-employed individuals, is any risk for a scandal or be punished if it violates the data protection law, and that can affect their future and therefore need an effective method to deal quiet leave your main activity.

Any organization, is the size that is, needs to establish a system to manage the documentation or other material containing confidential information. Whether the documentation generated during the day or for emptying obsolete files, to look for an inexpensive and simple solution that allows to manage confidential materials. That's why thousands of organizations worldwide confidential destruction contract services, and be sure to hire professionals with real reputation in this sector Destru[Pack], which ensures a reasonable appreciations effective method.

In service Destru[Pack] you save and control costs because:

  • No need to buy a shredder and additions.

  • Do not waste any precious time employees.

  • Does not occupy a space in their facilities necessary.

  • Do not deal with the cutting equipment.

  • Needless to clean.

  • Will not run any security risk.

  • There should be watching if their needs are met.

Hiring Destru[Pack] you can choose the type of service

Billing criterion


Service by kilos. You only pay for the amount of documentation that effectively destroyed in each of our visits. Give, weighed and you pay only according to the criterion of kilos removed when contrasted what has been managed and certified.

Service Volume. We establish a criterion measure and price, container either, per pallet, Case Archiver, etc.. and so the manager can control the cost of secure document management entity.

Service hours. We specify a process type and you control the time our equipment and staff are dedicated to shred their documents and can leverage the resources available in your company (machinery, personal, etc.)


Criterion system destruction equipment used


Destruction plant. Our operators are responsible for organizing all the logistics, collect and guard the materials according to their utter destruction strict rules and protocols you previously know and give optimum use to waste generated. We agreed when we were on his premises and thereafter Destru[Pack] responsible for your confidential documents and ensures the rest of the standard process and adequately controllable and who you appoint external auditors who control us.

Destruction in situ. We travel with a mobile team of destruction to destroy large capacity in its own facilities and at the door of his office. Always with an effective capacity of more than one tonne per hour in his presence. Besides being the safest method, guaranteed that no one can even manipulate a document by accident or loss of information suffers.


Regularity Criterion


Timely weeding. You will be cumulando as it thinks fit contact us and hires a collection that will program for secure destruction of their confidential material. We will move us to their facilities to run the service, We can even provide containers above or we'll withdraw their designated shelves without anyone in your company must spend time manipulating files previously.


Scheduled Service. You can request a regular attendance at their facilities, thus decides on the direction aperiodicity, can always be varied as required, but do not need to watch for a responsible when to run to empty the containers or the space. This allows you to save on internal resources and the price of the contract to be easily programmable Destru[Pack], as grouped with other customers and optimize routes, and equipment.

For them we supply cartons, locked containers, cages, Puck, etc.. to deposit the documents or confidential material and when you tell us we will go and start the complete management of confidential material to its total destruction and subsequent recycling of waste.


Criterion values


Insurance. If it valued properly you will realize that it is safer than the internal destruction. Protocols are always more strict and easily auditable by a contracted company that applied with the means to an entity. For example, a local employee may have an interest in espionage to steal confidential documents or just curious, and if a proper chain of custody is established is much more complicated than can access. If you hire, staff of the procuring entity has a much higher perception of confidentiality and instead of being an afterthought this becomes important and, therefore, which must be controlled. The internal focus shifts radically.

It hiring a professional who is specifically dedicated to this sector is infinitely safer than destroying industrial plants where the intact paper recyclers have more value than the shredded paper. Also, there are often no safety criteria, confidentiality, Restricted, chain of custody, etc., and, therefore, Chances are that your confidential documents are not processed and can be stolen by irresponsible people.

Profitable. Cash cost. No need to buy or maintain specific equipment such as shredders machines and accessories, to be underutilized. Do not lose valuable time on tasks that employees generally considered minor and distracting them from their porincipal activity. No wasted space necessary facilities. Needless to manage the resulting hash item, it can also be easily small amounts recomponible. No Clean. Avoid the hassle of Rudi…

As. Easy, flexible, looking for customer satisfaction. You decide the procedure at the time of recruitment and subsequently is easier to control. Should not be expected or unexpected reductions in the criteria. No need to classify documents: any material is cutting smoothly, including clips, Staples, gums, tags, spirals, files ...

State. Full, covered all the national territory. We are a company with local action and global levels. We're in all the capitals of province and we we travel regularly all over the Spanish geography. You should not worry because we are a company we work throughout Spain with means, including Balearic and Canary Islands, and optimize our means and resources to recoup costs.

Biosostenible. Environmentally friendly. We recycle 100% of materials troceamos, if possible, control and other systems do not affect safety because the Re-use is ecologically sustainable but can affect your image. For example, the shredded paper can be substituted for the straw horse farms, cattle, etc., and though no one would get your image data could be severely affected. So we are forced to carry all our previously shredded paper to make pulp although his trade value is much lower income and subtract our activity.

Audited. We have independent external auditors of certification as AAA-NAID Certified and SGS that control us regularly. Also, internal controls or quality departments of the most demanding companies audited us with extreme rigor. That's why we give our customers procedures that are also consistent truthfully certain that are verifiable, thus not only promise what we can do but give the opportunity to contrast what has been done in the past.