Recycling bins Service

We have the widest range of recycling bins for documentation Marketplace. We who we fit the client's needs and so I offer some of the best options in the market so they can choose according to their requirements.

We are constantly looking for new developments in the global industry and are waiting to hear to meet your demand.


  • Recycling bins for paper. Ideal to rule your sensitive documents safely in their own desk.
  • Design to fit tight spaces, beside or under your desk or work station.
  • Avoid tasks that give lazy people to manage confidential information.
  • Container 100% recyclable.
  • Custody the same volume of paper and is more effective in relation to many other money containers traditionally used.
  • Possibility of nylon bag inside.
  • You can customize the colors (mínimo 500 units).
  • You can stamp on the container or paste adhesive on the different faces.
  • Lock individual with the collective Llave ).

DestruBox by Destrupack


  • Innovative and unique design developed by our R & D.
  • Fully respect the Environment to be 100% recyclable.
  • Convenient, stored folded and completely filled during use.
  • Simple to assemble and easily stackable maximizing space.
  • Handy, Maximum Weight habichuelatual usually not exceed 40 kilos.
  • Coexists perfectly in the office environment for its size and image.
  • You can customize the print message and change frequently.
  • Different formats (a piece or two with separate lid), sizes, position of the inlet.
  • No need to put further manipulation seals, bridles, etc that may require partial or handling emptied its contents as bags.
  • Can be encoded with security labels and have full traceability.
  • Once assembled and closed will be destroyed along with its contents, nobody manipulated the vera nothing. Affixed management offices allows managed internally without requiring interrupts.
  • Avoid rental costs, stock or maintenance.
  • Excellent price / quality ratio.


  • 1er specific global container destruction of confidential files.
  • Designed specifically to meet the needs of industry for confidential documents .
  • First and only container in the world for this purpose NEW !
  • Self locking third wheel for easy maneuverability and easy repositioning. Anyone can move the offices to upload documents or just to clean up the environment.
  • Rubber wheels allow improved discrete movements in their offices or workspaces
  • All components are made of HDPE - Highly Durable Plastic – Secure document input tray system with "anti-fish".
  • Cover with special lock and hinges for increased security.
  • Made in North America.
  • Available in different colors and with ability to customize the outside with the corporate image.
  • High performance and designed to ensure passive safety.


Aluminum containers

  • Design reminiscent, with excellent perception of safety.
  • Contendor ignífugo. With integrated key lock and padlock or possibility to put seal.
  • Versatile finishes on top (Tapas, mouths, closures, etc.).
  • It is most popular in Europe. Many businesses and franchises is recommending.
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver him into offices.
  • Steel bar handle and rubber wheels.
  • It can be supplied without wheels or bar to avoid internal movements without having the special cart.

Standard Volume 240 liters

  • Peso ± 16 vacuum container kilograms.
  • Usual capacity ± 120 kilograms of paper documents.
  • Dimensions 700 mm x 570 mm x 1055 mm height.

Standard Volume 70 liters.

  • Usual capacity ± 35 kilograms of paper documents.
  • Dimensions 415 mm x 415 mm x 550 mm height

Metal containers

  • Fireproof container and very resistant.
  • Integrated lock with key.
  • Possibility of security seal.
  • Easy to maneuver inside the offices to have wheels and rail management.
  • For in situ processes by integrating supports overturning Excellent [Hands Free].
  • Two models : 180 liter 230 Design custom liters adhesive vinyl.

Metal Destrupack Container
Destrupack PVC Container

PVC container

  • Extremely durable and versatile
  • Endless possibilities for customization
  • Excellent for weeding services specific files or emptying
  • You can choose color combinations, Ticket types, types of locks, etc.
  • Standard sizes of 120 , 240 o incluso 360 liters
  • Includes brackets for automatic turner for crushing [Hands free]