1. We carry out a free survey of your needs

We analyze the conditions of your business and make you a quote based on your interests.

2. We supply containers

We provide one or more containers adapted to your space so you can store in a safe and practical way to destroy documents, or fill in the same time.

3. We collect the agreed day

Come the day and time arranged to its facilities.

4. Destroy documents in-situ

In a few minutes we destroy the material stored in his presence in situ or in one of our plants distributed throughout the territory of the Iberian Peninsula or the islands.

5. Issue a certificate of destruction and recycling guarantee

We take care of the cutting material for recycling and contribute to environmental care.

6. Destroyed by cutting all types of materials

All confidential stationery
Computer printouts
CDs – DVDs
Identification Packaging
Unwanted or rejected
Mobile Phones