Líderes en destrucción de documentación y en servicio de reciclaje para empresas. With Destrupack our customers have an efficient and flexible service with an accurate and detailed tracking of the procedure confidential destruction service. Contracting entities will avoid surprises or created additional frustration that minimize risks to a set price and cost.


Servicio de destrucción confidencial. Reciclaje documentación para empresas:

How do we?

We set as our service to suit customer requirements, should not be the one who suits us. We stopped testing and reporting of results for traceability. We pride ourselves in being responsive and innovative, to be focused on maintaining long-term partnerships. Our procedures are designed individually to meet the specific demands of each client and alter when their needs change.

Destrupack policy focuses on adding value to our customers, constant improvement and continuous adaptation to new legislation or market needs.

Exceptionally safe

Trituración papel segura y protegida. We work with very high standards so the reputation of your institution and confidential information are protected. We handle the destruction methods that are solid, reliable and secure.

You can check! All the grinding process can be controlled by the client, in person or by checking records and images later. Most importantly, we will provide a Certificates of Destruction much higher than any of the competition.

Whenever practical

We are not the most powerful supplier and that we benefit our customers. Our team is professional, responsible and friendly, without becoming corseted or protocol. We listen and adapt. Our mobile service is available [in situ] o en Plantation, demand scheduled, always adjusted to your needs, in their containers or our wide range of containers, etc..

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Extremely effective

The technology allows confidential information to be stored anywhere and everywhere. We can help. Destrupack está capacitado para utilizar el proceso de desmenuzado por trituración con tarjetas de crédito, mobile, cintas video, Digital systems, rayos X, floddy disc, compact disc…. throughout. We are empowered to work with our clients to identify potential risk areas and formulate a management plan as your needs evolve.

Cost efficient

We are proud to maintain good organization and a competent process to help customers reduce costs regularly. One bill what process and as we have all the crushed materials will help to control and potentially reduce the costs of destruction. Indirectly also help reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary storage costs.

We are truly committed to what we offer

Art equipment and facilities

  • Industrial facilities and Trucks large capacity in situ (±1 tn/hora).
  • Special containers for this purpose and sealed boxes.
  • Crushing plants with extreme security.
  • External certification audits and controls access to customers.
  • Torn by crosscut to preclude reconstruction.

  • Trained personnel, uniformed, investigated and confidentiality clause.
  • Practical method for the client because it is not necessary to empty boxes or separate files, materials, Staples, etc..
  • Procedure [Hands Free] without manipulation.
  • Traceability total (CCTV recording, Geolocation by GPRS, records, controls, etc.).

Leader in safe and secure shredding. Destrupack is one of the leaders and most respected provider of secure destruction of confidential information and Europe. Document shredding service supply across Spain with own staff, both in-situ and with high capacity mobile crushing plant equipment destruction high security.

For complete customer satisfaction combine our extensive and proven experience in the market of confidential management of technological innovation to offer efficient and profitable solutions trituración segura de documentos.

Forget how and where to store your documents. Destrupack can help to manage the safe handling of confidential material, and always ensure optimally entire process. Destrupack is continually seeking and making profitable procedures, sharing experiences with all types of businesses in the world ara approach it the best advances in the field and have him fully up to date on legislative regulations adopted or to come.

We are solely focused on secure shredding of confidential material from 2005 and we have the most demanding customers in the industry because we offer levels that other companies are unable to reach. This motivates us to work better every day and evolve providing innovative solutions such as the creation of a CEE-Special Employment Center, after years working with disabled staff.

Our destruction are designed to suit each client in a natural way and meet the changing needs of its users. Always actively collaborate with the customer to provide the best paper shredding system, or mobile plant, and the safe management of materials or information. Destrupack has built a solid reputation for trust, profitability and industry collaboration. Our strength is in providing secure shredding service, convenient and cultivate long-term partnership with customers. Please check our website or contact us to access more information on how we can help.