Who we are

Destru[Pack] is a Spanish family company with a decade of experience, focused exclusively on the destruction of confidential information. The initiative to create destroy[Pack] arose in 2004 to detect the need to destroy an efficient and secure documents and check how different corporations demanding requirements in an American multinational company with operations in Spain. These reflections, researching market needs and the realization that the United States had very strong views on this activity, but in Europe, more stringent laws, there was no established industry in this sector, pushed us to create the company.

The management team and ran Veter Pack, a leading waste management company drugs used on farms, and was raised to found Destru[Pack] with the idea of ​​making it a leader shortly confidential destruction of Spain.

Aces Destru[Pack]

  • Demonstrated experience from 2004.
  • Large client reference.
  • Effective coverage throughout Spain with personnel and resources. Plants on the Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands.
  • Adjusted pricing Policy, based on criteria of cost and always below the competition and profitable customer.
  • Permanent innovation.
  • First Spanish company to NAIDI. Founder of NAIDI Europe. Founder and first president AEDCI, REPACAR member, bodies that bind to destroying company documents.
  • Creator of a category of service / product in Spain (the in situ destruction of large capacity) and leader since 2004 Destruction in situ method for quality [hands free], geographical coverage [the peninsula ] and price [the most profitable for the industrial capacity of the machinery].
  • Leader in applying safety measures and superior to local competition criteria and consolidating international standards in the Spanish market.
  • Personal 100% own. Greater involvement, security, professionalism and control.

  • Synergies and international contacts to anticipate trends and bring innovative products and procedures.
  • Innovative Company, flexible, focused on customer satisfaction and technical capacity.
  • Technologically advanced and above the national competition.
  • Focused on building strategic alliances with other companies that integrate EEC and the value chain, recycling plants as the final recovery.
  • Application of above legal standards or the rest of the competition in contracting with customers.
  • Quality Certification ISO 9001:2008 with SGS.
  • Meets UNE-EN-15713, the DIN 32757:1995 and DIN 66399:2011.
  • First company in Spain audited by AAA-NAID Certified, only professional body that certifies this activity in the world and also makes surprise inspections, and has an ethical committee and a disciplinary system
  • Global thinking and local action.