Properly manage documents and material considered confidential tends to have a precautionary motive for buyer, and the two reasons that incite fear are maintaining a good corporate image to the scandals that they can look and penalties for breaches of the legislation. These are our foundations:

Destru[Pack] is a leader in the market of confidential destruction, has extensive experience in the Spanish market and also has a clear vision of the future possibilities of this fruit of their international contacts sector and the leadership of the management team headed by an entrepreneur with international recognition.

Destru[Pack] has decided to go a step further to deliver innovative solutions to its customers and therefore has been a company that claims to be the Special Employment Centre , result of the experience they have of working with other EWC and hiring staff with disabilities for years. The activity helps develop the business with ample employment opportunities and gives possibilities for this group is currently hard punished with high rates of unemployment, environment to 35 %. Same strict regulatory compliance make people with disabilities hired to develop in an environment specially protected. Serving organizations that truly value the contribution of this group. Not to forget the service they acquire certain destruction responsible entities, is not a service that is acquired if there is some sensitivity, and management has argued that its acquisition by security also appreciates the added value of acquiring a CEE.

Secure destruction of confidential material have reasoned that it is more profitable to outsource manage internally, following this argument is best done with an ECE with a normal company. Destru[Pack] perceptible would bring added value to the client and that client users. What better way than being EEC?


Being a leader in the collection and destruction of documents, with a presence throughout the country, having a professional and enthusiastic team, adding value that differentiates us from our competitors.


  • Provide our customers with superior service in secure destruction of confidential information at an affordable price.
  • Bring added value to the customer at a profitable cost customized processes adapted.
  • The use of management systems that allow us to continuously improve our processes.
  • Implement a marketing strategy by establishing a network of trade that may personally serve our potential clients and advise correctamaente.

  • Demonstration of corporate image with professional staff and equipment to ensure safety at all logistical company processes.
  • Compliance superior legal requirements associated our services.
  • Constant innovation in media, tools or machinery for secure destruction of confidential material of our customers or users
  • .Schedules routes that optimize time and costs, without reducing safety management.
  • Provide a value more waste management seeking new ways to recycle, reuse the recovery.




Respect for the Environment

Customer Focus

Corporate Commitment

Continuous Improvement

Legal Compliance



Objectives of the institution

Giving employees more than a paycheck

Since 2000 began to work with continuous journey to better reconcile work and family life. All staff just before 17:00, and even today only a checkpoint in order to provide better service to customers remains. Equal opportunities and wages for men and women has been constant. Flexible scheduling is a reality. The integration of people with disabilities has been conducted for many with great success and without any limitation.

Continuous training and internal promotion

There is an annual training plan for improving staff skills, personal growth and skills or competencies. Several employees have been drawing on the resources of the company to improve their expertise and many group training sessions are planned regularly.

Social contribution

Different organizations and NGOs receive our services free, and the company assumes that this represents costs as a way to contribute to the opportunity society gives us privileged to live in a country economically and socially.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are a company created to better manage waste and we rely on providing a safe service, but we are constantly trying to find solutions for our customers with the criteria of the 6R: Recycle, Reduce, Reinvent, Reacticiona, Reus, Repairs.

Each year a common concept to work for everyone in the company

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