We are a Special Employment Centre-CEE-we provide jobs for people with disabilities and thus contribute to their employment and, parallel, social.

Our goal is to provide the maximum number of people with disabilities to perform normal work, unpaid productive, suited to their personal characteristics and assist in their integration into modern society. Hiring our services your organization collaborates in the creation and maintenance of stable positions and qualified for a group of people working with serious difficulties in finding jobs and unemployment rates than the rest.

Besides the services we offer to be computed in CEE business as creating jobs for unemployed disabled match Art.2.1. Royal Decree 364/2005 of 8 April (BOE 94,20 April 2005) laying down alternative measures to comply with the Law on Social Integration of the Disabled-LISMIS- fixing the reserved quota 20% for disabled in companies with more than 50 workers. To cover the job of an employee with a disability category indirectly billing should be equal to three times the minimum wage * Annual.

*IPREM = Public Indicator of Multiple Effect Income, established by the central government each year through the Budget Law. From 2010 a 2014 is fixed at monthly 532,51 €, anual a 12 pagas a 6.390,13 € y anual a 14 pagas a 7.454,14 €.


Social, Ecological and Economic.

The new age companies must consider new approaches to defining their strategies. Economic performance contented to shareholders, but other values ​​that make a company stronger. Minimizing the impact of waste and greater sustainability, in the environmental field, or support for socially disadvantaged groups improve the image of the organization to other groups acting directly or indirectly in actosde the company and its future development, may be employed as, users, prescribers, customer advisors, technical, etc..

Outcomes are measured but the attitude is also controlled in every process, is the logistical, quality control or customer. The triple bottom line becomes the strategic corporate tree. Thus was born a tool that integrates and orders elements coming together to create or make a dynamic entity. Also, identifies it as a responsible organization to the community, connects with the emotions of people and projects that will be crucial to the future values. In Destru[Pack] We are convinced that this is a great opportunity to consolidate these values, they are ours, and a solid plan for the future beyond economic cycles.