Companies or administrations. Public sector the private. Law Firms, Notary, registrars, consultants, gestorías, health centers, data processing companies, banking, hotels, Distribution companies, insurance, recruitment companies, construction, marketing and advertising agencies, certification, schools, universities, financial institutions, temporary employment agencies and any organization using in their daily work confidential documents.


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Who better to tell them the advantages to destroy and recycle Destrupack.

Their testimonies:

"Our department ponia many drawbacks corporate image every time we proposed some container, few days was the other design was the price. Complications ended when Destru[Pack] We proposed different models of containers, told us their advantages and disadvantages and let us try some to see how they fit and felt people. At last we have a solution tailored ".
"We wore years working with other companies and we thought that gave us good service. We changed the destroyed[Pack] to reduce costs and the years we have realized the difference of working with them. They are true professionals and the price cut that got them was so important now with the crisis nobody any reduction arises in this paragraph, and not a setback as it would accept "
"When we decided to address that we study the possibility of establishing a protocol to destroy the documentation generated daily in all branches of Spain thought this would be a very costly and complicated than that if our people would really do what we asked them. Particularly contact destroys[Pack] and costs are fully assumable and all employees have understood how easy and comfortable it is to make things right.
"We have several offices distributed Examination of claims by Spain, in our work we handle a lot of confidential information and from our silk in Atlanta (USA) ordered us to accompany them someone from our company to guard and inspect the documentation was destroyed as. That supposed to be several times a year someone from each delegation lost an entire morning at a minimum cost in addition to the destruction and had we had hired. Would communicate to Destru[Pack] and did not have any problem in providing us access, but we proposed that we explained that we had with them coverage NAID
Certified including North America and certainly knew the scope of the certification and what it means. Within hours we had the nod to spare the unnecessary cost in time and travel, they fully trusted the process that we have established in Spain. "
"We set the price so give us as good and the service we received, we do not propose or even separate the normal role of confidential in our various offices. For the price we paid per month is so cheap that we do not care to throw the newspaper. Also recommend it to all our referees for the last years and have received no criticism. "
"In the year 2008 cost us a lot to find a company that could meet the demands from Germany who asked us. We had to stop using courier companies to collect all the documentation of our branches spread across Spain and protocols that met the minimum required for something as sensitive for us as the documentation generated at the offices of Deutsche Bank. Destru[Pack] was the only one who dared to make that commitment and also the prices it better ourselves. They succeeded and also have been improving year after year since then. "