If something is done in an easy and natural way we all meet. If the process is complicated and requires efforts is understandable that appear failures and irregularities. From Destru[Pack] help customize a safe and simple procedure for secure destruction of confidential information in each organization. We make it easy for you. Choose the appropriate containers, location facilities, the frequency or the time of collection and we'll do the rest.

Papel en proceso de destrucción en Destrupack

Staff and users should only fix what they consider outdated documents for shredding and file containers as an everyday and natural act. In the clips will separate clips, empty folders or. Are avoided removing covers, spiral or separate materials. Deleted devote time to a task perceived as boring and poorly useful, that disrupts the specific work of each individual or department for which no reward or recognition received and involves little motivation, and delegating to external professionals.

Destru[Pack] is truly committed to safety, provides traceability and is an investment to count as controllable 100% by customer. No rush, possible oversights, cracks in the system or disincentives threatening procedures, things become simple, safely and naturally by trusted professionals with the maximum external guarantees available. Destru[Pack][/tp”] is involved in the pursuit of business excellence, where what matters is the daily activity, the mejora continua y constante porque el objetivo del resultado no está en alcanzarlo si no en ejecutar regularmente la actividad base del negocio.

The result is not to win the ultimate game of tax benefits, the result is to enjoy working and do our business. So took decades of business experience and personal satisfaction is palpable and measurable.

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