Le ayudamos en su política medioambiental. We care about nature and respect the environment with the best guarantees in biosustainability but always prioritizing the safety of the materials entrusted to us, process traceability, chain of custody and image of our clients. #Triturar Papel #Reciclar Papel #Destruir Papel

Toda la documentación que nos entregan nuestros clientes y usuarios es previamente triturada antes de su reciclado. The notarized system we use is totally respectful of the environment and waste are managed by companies licensed waste management and all permits in order. Destru[Pack] takes very seriously the need to protect the environment because land, trees and the atmosphere. But that does not neglect the safety. We recycle 100 % paper we treat and we always do bound for the paper industry, they become pulp, although we know that there are other uses that could also be environmentally sustainable, but that would conflict with the interests of our clients and the purpose of our business.

We recycle 100% del papel y cartón que gestionamos, but accept the re-use but this would be much more profitable for us, even for the environment. We know that a role can have an average of 6 and 8 lives and that is losing value when recycled, mainly because they appear increasingly impurities and, above all, because the steel is damaged the fiber length, and that is our main problem. By crushing the fiber break and, the previously selected, mix impurities, so the paper resulting from our production units is classified by recyclers as lower quality: call wastepaper and is currently paid worse than the worst treated cardboard. It is a reality: recyclers and recovery value it very little, and is only accepted by very few paper mills, it intended to produce tissue (rolls of paper towels, WC or scarves).

Como empresa Eco-responsable, Destru[Pack] destinarios has controlled and approved for that documentation is removed following a rigorous process to recycle the waste paper to 100%. Also, Our AAA-NAID Certification process Certified regularly audits the final destination of our waste forcing himself destroyed information responsibly. We recommended incineration scarcely be compatible with sustainability, and does not allow us any RE-USE PROHIBITED and is completely expressly:



  • Using litter.
  • Use for filling packaging.
  • As a basis for fuel cartridges.
  • Pulping without previous grinding of the documents.

Contribución al medio ambiente: Recycling one ton of paper saved approximately fourteen trees and avoid razing two cubic meters of forestry mass. This process saves thousands of hectares of forest each year. Recycled paper requires about 65 % less energy, a 50 % less water and causes 72 % less pollution than paper products made from virgin wood pulp.