The Certificación NAID -AAA es un programa voluntario para las empresas proveedoras de servicios de destrucción de información y que son miembros de la asociación NAID. Through the program, NAID members who wish are audited crushing plant operations and / or procedures moving truck with paper or print media, destruction of computer hard drives, etc.. En definitiva, es el certificado de garantía para su empresa.

The NAID Certification Program was developed by professionals in the information security and is recognized by thousands of demanding private and governmental organizations worldwide.

NAID works being much more than a standard in the world for information destruction industry. La certificación AAA de NAID verifica las calificaciones de los proveedores de destrucción certificada a través de un proceso acordado con auditores programados de una manera anunciada y por sorpresa. This rigorous process supports the needs of organizations around the world helping to bring together the various laws and regulations that require the client to handle confidential information.

All regional NAID auditors are external and have achieved Certified Protection Professional accreditation by ASIS International and are extensively trained in all the requirements and procedures for the certification audit.

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The Review Committee Certification records violations and take immediate remedial action for companies to return to compliance with the requirements. Repeated or serious violations may lead to actions or block the recertification.

NAID Certification auditors verify that the protocols are applied to confirm the safety of sensitive materials and that they are treated properly at all levels of the destruction process such as handling, transport, storage of the materials prior to destruction, and grinding and material recovery responsibly. This also includes any transfer of custody scenarios.
By extension, individuals with the vetting process at three checks to make sure people are not involved with a known history related crimes handling confidential material. A rigorous and comprehensive program of unannounced audits, by surprise, means that certified companies work knowing they can receive auditor unannounced inspection at any time, every day, causing a powerful motivation for the completion of the procedures provided.