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Experts on secure and confidential destruction of documents.

Professionalization in destruction of documents it saves time and money, with maximum security. We work according to the rules of the AAA-NAID, the strictest industry, recognized worldwide. We are the leading company specializing in destruction of confidential information covering the whole of Spain, with different levels of destruction on the peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands. Through our process chain of custody traceability and staff 100% own.

Transfers, cleanings, emptied, ultimate destruction of obsolete ... archives are situations which may require the services Destrupack. We make it easy. Simple, complete and cost. We adjust to any size of organizations, from individual freelancers to large companies in the IBEX 35 with hundreds of branches. Keep what you have to grind either 10 filing or 100 tonnes. Destrupack else will always safely and profitably.

Forget personal shredders machines, open bins at that anyone can have access to documents with the compromising sensitive information. With prevention avoid the potential risk to the corporate image or soaring sanctions breach of the Data Protection Act. Prevent entity details go directly to recycling boxes where their documentation is checked. Destrupack. will help you design and implement a successful optimal solution tailored to your needs.

Scheduled withdrawals

Control and maintain protocols security in their computers and electronic equipment It is essential while using. Prevent access to the data stored is important. So relax for once decide they are no longer useful Destrupack they are destroyed by crushing safely and with total commitment in the chain of custody.


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Absolute safety

Safety is a top priority. We work only with staff Destrupack, collect documents on the premises of our clients with varied Container systems and, untouched documents, the grind by the method of cross-cutting, as dictated by the regulations European and Spanish.

The destruction may be performed in proper truck on the spot where the documents or transferring it to the destruction plant nearest. We offer a guarantee that the resulting confetti is impossible to reconstruct.

Finally, meet the maximum ERs and recycle all shredded materials.

Certificate of destruction

Our certificate of destruction offers, thus, all warranties that the materials have been destroyed in the indicated conditions and immediacy.

Other certifications ensure that documents have been destroyed, but how, where and when? Maybe in China after six months? Maybe the documents are stored for days without custody? Recyclers do not guarantee the handling of documents not, or the time of destruction, or place, and staff training.


With Destrupack you not need to acquire destructive machines or their employees allocate time and effort to a specialty that is surely not yours. Also save money by reduce equipment costs and labor.

If you choose Destrupack destruction of documents will work with a closed budget, while while the uncontrolled destruction incidentals may acarrearle.

International Warranty

Destrupack issue a certificate of destruction according to the procedures AAA-NAID Certified, requiring fulfill very strict protocols: the certifying company constantly monitors with annual audits and surprise visits.

The certificate NAID AAA is a voluntary program for service companies destruction of documents which are members of the association NAID, sector consists of companies worldwide that marks a Standard of Practice international.

NAID pins detail the minimum procedures for the overall security of the contracting entities, have an ethics committee that oversees the interests of customers and applies a system of penalties on companies that violate with ethical and professional principles set, they are reviewed annually.


Not only trituramos, We also destroy and recycle.


We manage and destroy your confidential documents anywhere.


euro_50The shredding service more efficient cost effectiveness.


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Simple and reliable method

  1. Fill boxes or containers everything you want to shred and recycle after.
  2. Contact our Customer Service and we will schedule the run exclusively by our service personnel identified, trained and uniformed..
  3. Its materials are collected (exclusively by our staff) and shipped up a crushing plant and certified safe, according to procedures defined and externally audited by AAA-NAID Certified and UNE EN 15713 with vehicles Special controlled GPRS for traceability.
  4. Once collected and prior to 24 hours will be crushed destruction standardized levels and with tiny particle size that completely prevent any and all reconstruction process will be recorded in a closed circuit television for subsequent total control.
  5. You will receive a certificate of destruction supported by external auditors and resulting material will be recycled in pulp to optimize the management and be respectful to the environment.

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They can be customized with your image
High capacity
Recyclable 100%
No waste
Dynamic Management
Maximum Flexibility
Savings in handling and transport
Notice (nobody touches your documents)
Easy to store

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